SQLite integration in WordPress IS BACK… !

This site is backed by a SQLite database since its inception in 2017. It’s easy to maintain, to perform a backup you just have only to copy the database file and that’s it. No need to dump the database contents to clone the site on another hosting. The plugin I was using has been deprecated some 8 years ago and removed the Plugin repository after that. A pity, I thought, since up til now, I had no problems with plugins being installed with this kind of database software being used. The last one which refused to install was the AI Writing Assistant plugin, no that I’m switching to make ChatGPT write for me, but just to provide insights about what I should write for.
I was hope to see that new blood was being fueled into a new release of SQLite integration, with a new plugin being proposed to the WordPress managers to bundled with the main distribution perhaps on a next WordPress version. Yes, it’s strange, that WordPress still does not use an Object Relation Mapper (ORM) like the most of Web Frameworks nowadays use. Something like Doctrine or Hibernate. WordPress started just as a Blogging tool. Now it’s a full fledged CMS and being used for everything you can imagine. It has support and plugins for everything you need. There’s lots of search results for almost any question or trouble.
So I installed this new plugin, got in trouble because I was using a "dropin" php for the old version that could not be reused for the new implementation. So I installed a fresh wordpress just to see how the plugin activation worked and understood what I had to do in order to adapt my current instalation for the new plugin. Now it’s working again,, could install the AI-generator plugin but I’m not using it. You can be sure! Just to share the sucess of my new configuration!